What’s worse than becoming irrelevant?

B2B buying has fundamentally changed. It’s 2023. Change is accelerating and your revenue approach is now officially two generations behind.

It’s hard to hear it, but your teams are unprepared and ill-equipped to survive in today’s sales environment.

  • Are you being told by your prospects that your competitors pretty much look and sound the same?
  • Are your salespeople not getting meetings early in the process like they used to?
  • Are you beating competitors yet having to wait to start because of other priorities?

These are leading indicators of the sweeping change to which you must adapt. Our Accelerating Age will only compound these challenges faster.

If you’re going to survive, you need solutions that attack the real problems.


We believe the biggest current threat you face is becoming a commodity in your prospect’s eyes. Decision making teams keep getting bigger and they’re ignoring your salespeople until the very end of their buying journey.

This is driving a race to the bottom, all caused by the 3 Deadly C’s. This race won’t stop on its own and we believe companies must prepare for this future.

These challenges are beatable with the right partner focused on revenue growth.

Our new messaging is on-point and identifies who we are to the core. RPG took the time to talk with our staff and clients so they thoroughly understood who we are as a firm and weren’t just focused on the visual representation of our brand. This led to the development of messaging that really speaks to who our firm is at the core.

Now, we can better explain who we are, why we are different, and how we will help our clients.

We started working with RPG after hearing their presentation about how the brain makes decisions based on solving pains. We really didn’t have the budget but we needed to re-evaluate how we were selling to our members. RPG helped us hone our purpose, develop our convincing advantages and focus on our mission.

As a result, our employees are feeling the passion to carry out our purpose – helping people live better lives. Because of the work we’ve done together, we’ve grown one of our most important products from $250,000 in 18 months to over $1 million in the first 10 months.

It’s refreshing to have someone of RPG’s caliber take such interest in us as a client and to really dig deep to help determine why our clients hire us and teach us how to deliver on our three distinct convincing advantages.

The use of brain science in delivering our message offers a very different approach and one that is setting us apart from our competitors.

Our advantages are woven into everything we do and all that we talk about. We eat, sleep and breathe them and this has revolutionized how we get– and keep– business.

Now 70% of our business is awarded without having to go to bid! Before RPG it was 10% tops.

Do you ever feel like modern sales training has failed?

Most sales methodologies were created before the internet. That’s why they can’t equip you to combat the 3 Deadly C’s: Commoditization, Compressed Selling Time, and Consensus Decision-Making.

Why can’t I get meetings with decision-makers earlier in the process?

Roughly 70% of your buyer’s journey is over before they reach out to your salespeople. Now, you’re playing their game by their rules. Get in earlier with the decision-maker and climb out of it.

Are you just struggling to win more deals?

Why does it seem like we’re living in the race to the bottom? Why can’t I get meetings with decision-makers earlier in the process? Why do I beat my competitors, but am told we have to start smaller or wait?

Start positioning your solution to organizational priorities and close faster. You need to Win the Brain and Win the Journey in order to Win the Deal.

Are Your Teams Ill-Equipped and Unprepared?