When Does Compressed Selling TimeCompressed Selling Time Technology has enabled people to glean more education and insights without the assistance or guidance of salespeople. A 2020 Gartner study demonstrated that 83% of the prospect’s buying journey is completed before the salesperson is invited in. Less selling time prohibits effective investigation of need and trust building, putting all sellers at a disadvantage and making “selling” all about responding to requests, reacting, and order taking. Matter?


In this section, I’d like to talk to you about compressed selling time, the other Deadly C that causes a lot of problems. In the old days, we had plenty of time to build relationships. In fact, we were getting in very early in the process. Our prospects needed us for information to help them understand the changes going on in the world with respect to what we could do for them. But what’s happened over time is that more and more information is being gathered online. wWhat that’s’ doing is taking away your ability to drive priorityPriority A commitment to eliminate a threat that’s both urgent and important. A priority is what will get acted on, instead of just discussed. It differs from a pain point because most pain points never get acted on. or even create influence

So what’s happened is 70% of the buying journey is complete before they bring you in. This is quite the compression. So when this happens, we live in a world where we can’t get face to face and we have to present to 7 or 8 people virtually, and we have less than 9 minutes to pull this off. So compressed selling time is  making it very difficult to actually stand out and drive real differentiation between you and your direct competitors

There’s really only one solution to compressed selling time. That is to connect with a decision-maker much earlier in the process. And the only way to do that is to connect your real impact of what you can do and connect to a deep-rooted pain or threat they’re experiencing to achieve priority.

So, compressed selling time. One of the Three Deadly C’s we’ve been talking about that creates a lot of pain because they’re ignoring you for so much of the journey and you really need the tools and the right messaging so you can get in earlier to meet with the right decision-makers. Versus being compressed all the way down to meeting with the buying committee where they think you all look sounds and act the same. If you don’t actively pursue change in this, you will fall prey to it every single time.