Are you only selling based on price, are your prospects making decisions earlier, and are your deals stalling?


Sit in your buying committee’s shoes. If everyone came in looking, sounding, and acting the same, why would you pay more?
RPG can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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Selling Time

They’ve done their research without you, they think they know what they want, and now you have to answer the 3 Ugly Questions. How are you going to answer them?

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Decision Making

Have you ever tried to get seven people to make a decision? Small starts and delayed starts are the canary in the coal mine for bigger challenges you will face…

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Meet the 3 Deadly C’s

Due to the shift to consensus-based decision making and compressed selling time, the greatest concern CEOs should have is becoming a commodity – where the prospect sees no distinguishing value between you and your competitors. Once you’re commoditized to prospects, you’re knocking on the door of becoming less relevant and vital. Why? Because current sales and marketing approaches don’t work for the way today’s B2B buyers buy.

The forces of the Three Deadly Cs are constantly working against your vitality and accelerating change will make overcoming these Deadly Cs harder, faster. If your market share, revenue, or margin are flat or decreasing, it’s an indicator your organization is becoming less relevant. And when organizations are unprepared and ill-equipped to fight and win in this era….

So… why aren’t the old
ways working anymore?

  • Branding and Messaging

    Most messaging is overly-focused on what prospects do, when it should be focused on why they do what they do. When you don’t align to pain, define the threat and create priority, you are left to only compete on pricing.

  • Sales Approaches

    Most sales training is antiquated with an emphasis on beating the competition or techniques that were developed before the laptop computer, pager, and cell phones existed.

  • Pitches and Presentations

    Conventional presentations and tactics create little emotional lift, fail to keep audiences engaged, overload prospects with more information than they can process and ultimately do not trigger action.

So, what can we do about all this?

You start by answering why should I buy from you in a sentence or two. Your answer must set you apart, unify your buying committee and cut through the noise to deliver your value.

Once you, your reps (and your prospects) understand this, the rest of the work begins.

Becoming the New Priority
You need the right message, one that addresses the pains and threats you solve. This message takes different forms in different media, like your website, your pitch deck, your elevator pitch, and more. Each has unique demands and unique attention requirements, but the message must always be the same: Choose us if you want to solve this threat.

What you can expect with RPG…

“We started working with RPG after hearing their presentation about how the brain makes decisions based on solving pains. We really didn’t have the budget but we needed to re-evaluate how we were selling to our members. RPG helped us hone our purpose, develop our convincing advantages and focus on our mission.

As a result, our employees are feeling the passion to carry out our purpose – helping people live better lives. Because of the work we’ve done together, we’ve grown one of our most important products from $250,000 in 18 months to over $1 million in the first 10 months.”

Are You Feeling Undervalued and Irrelevant?