An RPG eBook

Nobody needs to tell you for the thousandth time that things have changed in B2B sales. You’ve seen it. You’ve felt it. You’re surviving in it today.

the new priority

That was the introduction to the latest RPG e-book, written in December of 2019, before any of us could know what was on the horizon. We’ve been tracking the massive shift in sales for the past five years, helping businesses overcome modern challenges along the way.

This isn’t a book about coronavirus, COVID-19, the global pandemic or even about the recession we’re facing.

This is a book about how B2B sales were always, already changing, and what to do now that these events have hastened the end of the old way of doing things.

It’s our hope and our intention that this book provokes some thoughts, offers some ideas and helps you find relief for your business, right now.

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