The Challenge: Overcoming the Three Deadly C’s

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, businesses face three critical challenges that can undermine their success: CommoditizationCommoditization Absence of any perceived value, making it so that price becomes the only determining factor. Whether there is real differentiation or not, if the prospect’s brain cannot or will not distinguish this differentiation, it doesn’t matter., Compressed Selling TimeCompressed Selling Time Technology has enabled people to glean more education and insights without the assistance or guidance of salespeople. A 2020 Gartner study demonstrated that 83% of the prospect’s buying journey is completed before the salesperson is invited in. Less selling time prohibits effective investigation of need and trust building, putting all sellers at a disadvantage and making “selling” all about responding to requests, reacting, and order taking., and Consensus Decision-MakingConsensus Decision-Making Decision making teams average nearly seven people in size. Gaining agreement among seven is challenging, especially when each person has their own priorities. The net result is often indecision or selecting a solution that’s much smaller than what should be purchased to meet the organization’s needs..