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    Our brains are hard-wired to receive messages a certain way. Unfortunately, the way most sell works completely against it. You can’t beat biology, so learn how to talk to prospects in a way that really connects.


    Buyers today operate a playbook designed to keep you out until the very end. Learn why the prospects you really want to talk to will take a meeting with you, earlier in their journey.


    The role of the modern seller is to satisfy a priority. The rest will be relegated to fulfilling orders or replaced by AI soon. Learn how to make closing a non-event by becoming a trusted consultant to your prospect.

“In a world where everything is changing so fast, the way we were selling before was not immune. The Priority Sale gave us an understanding the real impact we have for our prospects, which in turn has enabled a consultative approach in our team that works. We know our role in the marketplace, and have fewer conversations with prospects who think of us as ‘just another’ in our industry.”

“Examining how the brain makes buying decisions allowed us to develop a brand story that actually made a difference for our members. Paired with the behavioral strategies for our staff, we have been able to meet more of our market where they are and make a real difference in their lives. Its made our work more rewarding and, as a result, more profitable, too.”

“As the journey of the sales process has evolved over the past 2 decades, Its easy to see yourself getting commoditized or devalued by your prospects. Its not as easy to coach a large, geographically diverse sales team to deal with it. The Priority Sale is exactly what my team needed. Not only have we improved how we sell, weve enjoyed doing it. I believe, now, we are having more purposeful and meaningful engagements.”

We are a team of seasoned professionals that have been selling value and solutions for a long time to our customers. The Priority Sale is refreshing and a breath of fresh air to the new selling environment. Bryan and his team bring a great program that refines our good habits, introduces new habits and methodologies, and provides structure that brings positive change to the sales process we are using.”

“When the world changed with the Covid Pandemic it had a big impact on how we sell. We had to quickly develop a new approach to selling and determine the best possible ways to communicate to our customers virtually. Our marketplace is crowded, and it was easy for our team to get caught up in features and benefits selling. The Priority Sale changed that. It allowed  and our sales team to escape the features and benefits, commodity selling mentality by helping us see our real impact our solutions have for our customers. We have different – and better – conversations with our prospects today.

“In addition, the Priority Selling group has helped us craft much better communications for our new product releases and marketing campaigns. We have implemented The Priority Sale in all regions of the world with very positive results from our sales teams.”

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