You’re selling to a three-pound organ called the brain.

Wouldn’t it be great to sell how it buys?

Connect your real impact to your prospect’s deep rooted priorities…there’s no other way.

What do we mean when we say “Win The Brain”?

There’s a process, speed, and emotional context to how the brain makes a buying decision. For as fascinating and complex as the brain is, it’s a very primitive and predictable decision-maker. It makes decisions the same way every time. In fact, when presented with stimuli, the brain only does one of two things: it either moves toward or away from the stimuli.

How does this connect to YOUR business?

There is only so much time and energy to invest in and implement new ideas. If you can’t connect your real impact to your prospect’s priority, you just don’t have a chance.

Why is this important?

Your sales team and marketing group say things that may matter deeply to you, but how do these fit your prospect’s priorities? Are you creating more noise that ends up sounding just like your competition?

RPG will get your business moving forward together in total alignment. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having every player on your team understand why you’re here.

Why Should They
Choose You?

How Are You
Actually Different?

Why Should They
Buy Now?

The new influence is when your real impact connects with their top priorities.

You have to find a way to align with the organization’s priorities. The brain, however complex, is still very predictable.

We’re going to help you connect your real impact to your prospect’s top priorities.

It’s not about who you are, what you do, or how you do what you do better. It’s about why you exist and how you can deliver that message to your prospect to get them to buy in.

We’re going to frame an elevator pitch that gets decision-makers instantly engaged.

Yes, there are ways to align yourself with an organization so that, no matter the size of the buying committee, you can connect with each and every member in the room.

We’re going to teach you to use neuroselling to sell to larger and larger decision teams.

Are You Feeling Undervalued and Irrelevant?