You’re sick of hearing
it was close.

Or worse, “we like you best, but we have to wait”.

You worked so hard to get here…

Now you’ve gotta go win it.

Getting a team of nearly seven decision-makers to decide on anything is next to impossible, yet that is your challenge!

The third way sales teams are unprepared and ill-equipped for today’s buying teams is they don’t know how to win the deal by corralling the decision-makers. As the size of buying teams continues to grow, winning a quality deal (what you proposed, the price you proposed, and on the timeline you proposed) will become harder than ever. It’s much easier for them to just stay with an incumbent, shift their attention to more pressing priorities, or even start with a small, loss leader kind of solution.

This is your final shot, and how your salesperson performs in front of the group is everything.

Why is this a big deal?

If you don’t win over the room, you’re done. You don’t get any “do overs” and each poor performance gets you locked out of the account for well over a year. This is happening every single day and you’re not even aware.


Nail the

Win the

All the sales training you’ve done hasn’t prepared you for what’s next.

Enough with standing in front and reading bullet points off of some slides made years ago. No one wants to hear about what you do, how long you’ve been open, and how many employees you have.

We’re going to train your salespeople to win over and close the room ( both physical and virtual).

With the right approach and understanding, as well as a better knowledge of your prospect’s pains, threats, and fears, your salespeople can put themselves in alignment with their priorities.

We’re going to help them from stalling out and losing to other priorities.

It’s not just about having the right talking points. Get what you need to win the room.

We’re going to provide the tools to drive priority over all of your competitors.

Are You Feeling Undervalued and Irrelevant?