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We’re not the disruptors…It’s already happened!

How the 3 Deadly C’s Have Changed Sales Forever After explaining what we do to an interested connector last week, one of our partners got the old “Wow, you guys are real disruptors!” Without really thinking, Paul quickly snapped back, “We are NOT disruptors! The disruption has already happened, we’re really just helping people get […]

Three Must Haves For Your Convincing Advantages

Convincing advantages will help you stand out and position you to win. Note:  I recently wrote about messaging vs. convincing advantages (read it here) and launching your competitive advantages (read it here). Here are three must haves for your convincing advantages. Simple – must be easy to remember – easy to connect to real and […]

Kill Messaging. Launch Your Convincing Advantages.

Messaging doesn’t work any more in sales situations (read the earlier blog post here.) The Convincing Advantages approach works much better. With tens of thousands of competing messages hitting your prospects on a daily basis, it’s important that your communication is clear, convincing and focused solely on how you solve your prospect’s pain. (Because that’s […]

Messaging Vs. Convincing Advantages

There are too many instances of “messaging” hitting your prospects. Consider using the convincing advantages approach to stand out from the crowd. As you’re out competing to keep existing customers and gain new ones, the importance of messaging becomes evident very quickly. It’s purpose is to drive a clear and differentiating buying advantage for you […]

5 Critical Components of B2B Marketing

There are five critical components of B2B marketing— neuro-science based claims development and messaging, content, website traffic, a website, and, of course, conversion. These are ultimately the only five that really matter and yet the B2B marketing landscape is like a field of broken dreams. I originally wrote in the context of social media marketing […]

Do You Have A Stand-out Offer That Your Customers Can’t Resist? Or Are You Regularly Left Standing Out In The Cold, While They Wait To Make Their Minds Up?

Increased product and service offer commoditization and customer indecision are severely reducing the effectiveness of the sales operation, says Bryan Gray of Revenue Path Group. Taken together, they form one of the Five Great Threats to revenue growth through effective selling. Hanging on the Telephone – Fully 88% of Sales Calls Are USELESS ! There’s […]

“The Long Goodbye” AKA The Extended Sales Cycle

Extended sales cycles are NOT an indicator of positively developing relationships, argues Bryan Gray of Revenue Path Group. Quite the opposite. They are one of the Five Great Threats to revenue growth through effective selling. Don’t Let Yourself Get Sold on the Long Sales Cycle Let’s be honest. There can’t be many of us who […]