Here’s a $250M Reason Your Credit Union Must “Own Your Why”

Is your credit union one of a hundred, or one in a million? Here’s a $250M reason your must Own Your Why.
There is a broad effort by Amazon to enter the personal finance space, including person-to-person payments, paying with voice via Alexa enabled vehicles, and in-store payments via a checking account-like option.
Amazon already processes millions of transactions a day. Four out of every $10 spent online in the U.S. is with Amazon (43%).  Furthermore, there are approximately 80 million Amazon Prime members – that’s 64% of households in the U.S.! (Forbes)  If Amazon can become the financial service that even half of these consumers utilize, what impact does that have on your Credit Union? How will you differentiate? And, how will you show your members and prospects the real value you bring them?
Learn the solution at Owning Your Why.