Battle of The Two Playbooks

3-Part Live Virtual Training Session for Your Business Development Team

Let’s get started with a 3-part virtual live training series to initiate behavior change and get your business development and marketing teams on the same page about what it takes to overcome consensus decision making, compressed selling time, and commoditization.

This series is designed for principals and key leadership, business development, marketing, and sales teams.

Session One

Introduction to The Priority Sale

  • To combat the Three Deadly C’s – you have to understand why this is happening
  • The three new buying phases of buying teams and how to turn them to your advantage
  • What you can start doing to get in earlier and at a higher level
  • Ability to spot and correct behaviors to lead to the Three Deadly C’s

Session Two

Let’s Get Neuro

  • How the brain makes decisions and how that interplays with the current sales approach
  • Understand the traps we fall into and what to stop/start doing right now 
  • How using brain science makes your current selling process instantly more effective
  • How to better engage, faster whether a webinar, virtual sales call or in-person

Session Three

The Two Playbooks

  • Creating a winning playbook vs. falling to the prospect’s
  • Language to start using that gets you at a higher level earlier
  • Tactics to deploy regardless of where you enter
  • Exercise to start better demonstrating your real impact – that gets attention at a higher level

The Battle of Two Playbooks Live Virtual Training series includes:

  • Three 60-minutes teaching and collaboration sessions
  • 1 pre-call diagnostic session with principals + key stakeholders to best understand your current business development playbook/process
  • 1 post-session follow-up and debrief

$3,500 per organization

Ready to win the brain, with the journey and win the deal – let’s talk!

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