Modern Sales Training Has Failed Us

It’s Time For a Newer, Better Approach

Introducing: The Priority Sale e-Learning Platform

Most sales methodologies were created before the internet. That’s why they can’t equip you to combat the 3 Deadly C’s: Commoditization, Compressed Selling Time, and Consensus Decision-Making.

The Priority Sale teaches you how to win more deals today. It shows you how to get into deals earlier, to align your solution with your prospects’ real priority.

You deserve modern answers to modern challenges. This is the online sales training that will finally help.

What You Get From the e-Learning Platform

Online Courses

More than a dozen e-Learning modules to take on your time, at your pace. Each covers a different, essential component of selling the way prospects want to buy.

Virtual Instruction

Join webinars with live instructors to go in-depth on certain subjects. Get answers to the questions you have.

Practical Tools

Lessons contain real tools that you can use on each deal to help you find priority, message your value and advance your sales.

Overcome the 3 Deadly C’s

The 3 Deadly C’s have been affecting the B2B sale for years, and they’re only going to get worse, faster. To win the modern sale, you must address these barriers or you’ll end up in the race to the bottom, where your prospects only want you to compete on price.

These challenges are:


Compressed Selling Time

Consensus Decision-Making

Don’t keep trying to squeeze more insight from the same old, expensive methodologies. The Priority Sale e-Learning Platform is the only sales training designed to help you overcome the 3 Deadly C’s.

  • TIer 1
  • For Individuals
  • $189/mo. Annual Subscription
  • $209/mo. Monthly Subscription
  • + Access to new courses every month
  • + Monthly invites to monthly virtual instructor courses
  • Tier 2
  • For Companies
  • + Access to new courses every month
  • + Monthly invites to monthly virtual instructor courses
  • + Custom environment, customized content options and reporting
  • + Manager’s guide to help with coaching and measurement

Launching July 1st with 12 Courses

At least one new course added every month.