Wonder why it seems harder to connect with decision-makers?

Wonder why sales training no longer helps close more deals?

Most sales training programs were developed before the internet! An outdated approach combined with today’s accelerated business environment of commoditizationCommoditization Absence of any perceived value, making it so that price becomes the only determining factor. Whether there is real differentiation or not, if the prospect’s brain cannot or will not distinguish this differentiation, it doesn’t matter., compressed selling timeCompressed Selling Time Technology has enabled people to glean more education and insights without the assistance or guidance of salespeople. A 2020 Gartner study demonstrated that 83% of the prospect’s buying journey is completed before the salesperson is invited in. Less selling time prohibits effective investigation of need and trust building, putting all sellers at a disadvantage and making “selling” all about responding to requests, reacting, and order taking., and consensus decision making kills your team’s ability to close sales.

For you to grow your revenue in 2019 you must stop training your team with tactics that no longer work and the same, tired motivational topics that don’t get any traction. Give them the tools they need to make a real impact in a short amount of time.

RPG’s CEO Bryan Gray is a nationally recognized speaker that can deliver an impactful presentation that will help you grow your revenue in 2019.

  • Win the Brain:

    Learn how your real prospect makes decisions and the brain-friendly messaging techniques to stand out and differentiate from the competition.

  • Carry the Room:

    Apply neuroscience to create an engaging presentation that drives conversation and connects with decision-makers.

  • Close the Deal:

    Reframe your solution to speak to and alleviate your prospects pains, threatsThreats What the primitive brain will act on. Whether real or perceived, the brain prioritizes acting on threats above and beyond any other action. This hurts sellers who are unable to connect the real impact of their product/service to a prospect’s threats. and fears and make your organization the one they can’t live without.

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Bryan Gray Revenue Path Group

Bryan Gray, RPG CEO

Revenue Path Group (RPG) CEO, and author of the upcoming book Winning the Last Mile: Conquering What’s Left of the Sale, Bryan Gray has the unique ability to apply the big thinking necessary to help leaders steer their organizations through times of velocity and uncertainty. Having previously led two businesses to the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies, Bryan is well positioned to understand today’s highly competitive arena and help companies activate their prospects to make better and faster decisions.

Not only is the content cutting edge and fantastically relevant, but Bryan is truly a talented presenter himself.  Dynamic, energetic and engaging in a way which attendees can’t help but to get excited about taking his fresh and actionable ideas back to the office.