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What impact do dissatisfied customers have?

The impact of customer dissatisfaction can feel pretty simple, but could also have expansive effects on your company. You may feel like an unhappy customer here and there just means that you need to find some new customers to fill in their place, but making it feel simple and small is not a solution,

A few unhappy customers might seem like no big deal, but what happens if those unhappy customers leave you a negative review? This is something that you can’t fix, and reaching out to them at this point to try and get them to alter their review is impossible, because they’re unhappy already. Those reviews are seen by anyone who can find you on the Internet. There are likely a few prospects who turn away because of it.

Unhappy customers can also create unhappy employees. How is that, you might ask? Because those unhappy customers are going to make your employees’ lives difficult. Constant complaints, changes, arguments, and more can create tension, not just between the customer and your staff, but between your staff and your company. That’s an extra rift you can’t afford.

At the end of the day, unhappy customers mean lost business potential, which means decreased revenue numbers. We can’t always keep all customers happy, but a concerted effort to try is in order for any business


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