What if you could get more of the right people - decision-makers - to your lunch and learns? What if you could make an emotional connection to build and retain relationships? What if even your CEU presentations generated prospects?

From a Snore and Bore to Sales – Accelerate Your Lunch & Learns

If the goal of your lunch and learn is to truly engage your audience, generate more leads and win the room, then it’s time to strengthen your approach. Your lunch and learns have the potential to produce bigger returns on your investment if you use neuroscience based methodologies for your message and presentation.

The real prospect in the room isn’t a human, soul, or stomach. It’s a 3 pound organ called the human brain. And, Most people present in a way that conflicts with our brain’s decision making process. Prospects are turned off before you even get started. Let’s change that.

  • Get decision-makers in the room
  • Create a memorable experience for the attendees, so when they are ready to buy they think of you
  • Make your CEU workshops engaging and productive

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From Bore and Snore to Sales.

Three things you can do today for a more
engaging Lunch and Learn.

How We Can Help

  • Convincing Advantage™ Development

    • Articulate your value-based differentiators, and create brain-friendly messaging that speaks directly to prospects pains and threats.
    • Get more of the right people – decision-makers- in the room for your presentations
  • Neuropitch Presentation Deck Creation

    Win the presentation with clear, concise and pain-relief focused messaging and visuals.

  • Presenter Training and Development

    Train your team to present to the brain. Get to “hidden” decision-makers and more efficiently win the room.

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