These Threats Are Jeopardizing Your Firm’s Growth And Profit

  • Your revenue “growth” is flat and stagnant, leaving you to chase after new projects without seeing a return on your investments (and if your revenue is flat you’re actually not growing)
  • Your team lacks the experience, know-how, and expertise to win new projects (if it happens, it’s unpredictable and they’re not able to repeat their success)
  • You’re not able to clearly differentiate your firm from competitors
  • You’re losing business to “out-of-towners” or even the same competitor, over and over, who are somehow winning projects even though you are the local expert
  • You’re stuck in never-ending bid processes that seem to have odds stacked against you from the beginning

If you see any of these signs, the solution might surprise you…and it won’t
require you to become a pushy “salesperson”

It’s not about marketing more, or selling harder. No one wants to feel pushy and desperate, which is what you risk coming across as if you’re trying too hard.

If you want to truly see the revenue growth you know you’re capable of, win work more consistently, become a recognized pillar in your industry, and leave a legacy for the next generation…

You need to rethink how you’re currently doing sales and marketing.

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  • Keeping up in the Age of Accelerations

  • The Deadly C’s - Commoditization, Consensus Decision Making, Compressed Selling Time

  • The Real Prospect - The Brain

  • How to Differentiate and Stand-Out

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“The prospect left the presentation knowing we were the best team for the project, and awarded us their $10m contract!

“Our advantages are woven into everything we do and all that we talk about. We eat, sleep and breathe them and this has revolutionized how we get– and keep– business.

Now 70% of our business is awarded without having to go to bid!

Before RPG it was 10% tops.”

“RPG helped us streamline our messaging into a pitch that our prospects can better understand and will move on.

It’s transformed how we approach winning business and we’ve seen immediate benefits.”

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We exist to fundamentally advance your revenue path.

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