Are your teams unprepared and ill-equipped for our new reality? Are you left scrambling to close deals that are sitting in your pipeline? Are you unable to align your company with your prospects’ priorities?

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Game Changed: The New Priority in B2B Selling

“What do we do now?”

That’s the question on the mind of every leader of a B2B company. 

Standing still isn’t an option. Hope isn’t a winning strategy. But without answers, we can’t move forward. Our webinar will provide you with the answers you’re looking for. You’ll get the checklist, the timeline, and the plan you need to survive now and thrive later. 

Join us for a FREE webinar to help put your business and sales team in the best position to win and win now in this new environment. We’ll discuss:

  • The 4 most crucial things you have to do to better prepare and equip your team for the new reality.
  • Why your competitors get stuck at the end of the sales cycle, and how you can get involved earlier and drive influence.
  • How to drive consensus and make your solutions a priority worthy of action.

But…What if this new reality isn’t really that new?

What if this reality is just speeding up the arrival of some things that were already happening in the B2B world? What if this is finally your chance to fix some things that always needed to be fixed?

We believe that today’s challenging environment is the final arrival of the Three Deadly C’s. Getting the next 6 months right could position your business to bounce back sooner and be stronger than ever before.

We believe that the biggest current threat that you face is becoming a commodity in your prospects’ eyes.

Due to the shift to consensus-based decision making and compressed selling time, the greatest concern CEOs should have is becoming a commodity – where the prospect sees no distinguishing value between you and your competitors. Once you’re commoditized to prospects, you’re knocking on the door of becoming less relevant and vital. Why? Because current sales and marketing approaches don’t work for the way today’s B2B buyers buy.

Title: Game Changed: The New Priority in B2B Selling

Date: May 6, 2020

Time: 1PM

“I believe this mission of owning your why is completely logical. Things are moving faster and faster. Our relevance isn’t just how we fare against other CU’s and banks anymore – we are competing with everyone – it’s crazy!”

Credit Union VP, Marketing and Member Engagement