Are your teams unprepared and ill-equipped for our new reality? Does your team have the tools necessary to compete and win? Do you have the proper brand and messaging to align with your prospect?

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Can My Sales Team Compete?

And Other Hard Questions CEOs Should Be Asking.

After 10 years of expansive sales growth, a wall has been hit. It stinks, but it’s true.

Out here, you’re faced with new truths:

  • Too many good firms are chasing fewer opportunities.
  • The way buying teams are buying is inherently causing commoditization.
  • The decline of traditional face to face selling leaves the old approaches out of touch and ineffective.

In other words, sales has fundamentally changed and hoping it all goes back to the way it was before the pandemic is only wishful thinking. Now, you’re playing a different game with different rules and good CEOs must start with a simple question… Do we want to compete?

In this webinar we’ll show what winning companies are doing to transform.

  • They’re using objective data to understand and make better decisions on staffing.
  • They’re arming their salespeople with pitches and messaging that connects to their prospect’s real priorities.
  • They’re using technology to record and analyze “game film” and train towards real-world scenarios.
  • They’re asking the hard questions that help break through mediocrity and get to higher ground.

You’ll also be the first to know about a big announcement from RPG as we launch new tools to accelerate revenue and drive transformation for the organizations we help.

This isn’t about what’s going to happen, it’s about what is happening right now. Let’s get to work.

Title: Can My Sales Team Compete? And Other Hard Questions CEOs Should Be Asking.

Dates: June 19 11AM-12PM (EST) OR June 23 1PM-2PM (EST)