What We’ll cover…

The Harsh Realities of Selling A/E/C in 2020 and What Competitive Firms are Doing to Win.

Out here, you’re
faced with new truths…

  • Too many good A/E/C firms are chasing fewer opportunities.
  • The way buying teams are buying is inherently causing commoditization.
  • The decline of traditional face to face relationship building leaves the old approaches out of touch and ineffective.

Winning teams
are adapting and improving…

  • They’re using objective data to understand and make better decisions on staffing.
  • They’re arming their business development teams with pitches and messaging that connects to their prospect’s real priorities.
  • They’re using technology to record and analyze “game film” and train towards real-world scenarios.

Title: Can My Biz Dev Team Compete Now?

Date: July 15 11AM-12PM (EDT)