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“Can My Biz Dev Team Compete?”

Sales has fundamentally changed and now, you’re playing a different game with different rules. In this webinar we’ll show what winning companies are doing to transform.

The Accelerating Age – 4:30

Three Deadly C’s – 7:15

Prospect’s Priorities + the Primitive Brain – 14:15

My Priority Position – 17:15

Getting Better Meetings Earlier – 24:50

Closing Big Deals on Screen – 26:30

Analyzing Game Film – 32:50

Adapting to This World – 35:45

Three Decisions Competitive Teams Have to Make – 40:05


the new priority

This is an eBook about how B2B sales were always, already changing and what to do now that these events have sped up the end of the old ways.

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Bryan Gray

Here’s 3 good reasons to start the conversation this week…

Every day you wait is an opportunity for someone else to out-hustle and out-maneuver your team.

You risk cutting the wrong people, framing through the wrong lenses, and letting game-changing opportunities pass you by.

RPG has a cost neutral approach that’s built specifically to work right now.

The time is now. This is real.
It’s just the beginning.

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