Solutions Designed to Help You Beat Value CollapseValue Collapse Due to the internet’s equalizing effect in the areas of reach and connection, the lowered cost of capital, and that cloud technology provides equal access to computing power, we’re seeing the commoditization of both products and services. Value creation/ destruction has now moved to the selling process. Unfortunately, today’s sellers lack the preparedness and skills to defend organizational value properly and are witnessing its collapse.

Elevator Pitch Challenge

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Current Pitch

Can your sellers articulate your organization’s value, or does your elevator pitch leave prospects in the dark about how you really help? Complete the RPG Elevator Pitch Challenge and get critical insights about what’s working and what’s not in your current pitch.

How to Become a PriorityPriority A commitment to eliminate a threat that’s both urgent and important. A priority is what will get acted on, instead of just discussed. It differs from a pain point because most pain points never get acted on. Webinar

Introduce Your Sellers to the Priority SalePriority Sale A sale executed at the highest level. It happens when an organization’s real impact is connected to what matters most to a prospect.

The realities of acceleration and value collapse mean that your sellers need a new approach NOW to make an impact. That’s why we created our 90-minute, seller-focused, tactic-packed How to Become a Priority session, which we host every month for sellers from all types of organizations.

Priority Positioning

Develop Your Answer to Why You? Why This? Why Now?

If your sellers had only 30 seconds to capture the attention of a prospect, could they do it? To reach high-level decision makers–and to have something to say when you get there–requires a new approach. That approach? Priority Positioning–a set of assets that articulates your value in a way that resonates with the decision makers you want to work with.

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