We believe the biggest current threat you face is becoming a commodity in your prospect’s eyes.

After the internet, things changed.

Today’s prospect has a wealth of information, but no guidance. They’re able to collect page after page of information from you and your competitors’ websites. But they’re limited by their own knowledge and their own worldview.

This is why your buyer is having such a hard time separating you from your competitors. All the Googling they do leads them to the same conclusion: There are many available options, and you’re all equal. It’s why review sites have become so popular, they help differentiate the options.

By the time your prospect has made a shortlist, they’ve convinced themselves that everyone on it can solve their problem. So if all choices are the same, they only want you to compete on one thing: price. It’s why your pricing page – if you have one – attracts the highest number of views, aside from your home page.

Why it matters:

You Actually Want to be Different

Companies talk about how they’re different, but the differences are all the same.

Lower Prices Mean Lower Value

You don’t want to drop your cost. Help your clients understand your real value.

Commodities are Easily Replaceable

When everything’s the same, the choice to move on is easy. Let’s show your real value.

Let’s Fight Commoditization Together

Commoditization happens when any consumer can go around and find the same product or service from a multitude of companies, no matter the size. Then it all comes down to price, and who really wins that battle? The client. Let’s take a little bit of that power away and really help show why you’re different.

It’s not about how long you’ve been in business. It’s not about how many employees you have or the square footage of your office space. All that matters is how you can help eliminate your prospects’ pains, threats, and fears, even if they can’t communicate what those are. Win bigger deals faster with RPG.

I Get This, But This Doesn’t Sound Like What I need

Commoditization is only ONE of the things that are really impacting your business growth and your future. There is no one size fits all solution to this problem, and one of the other Deadly C’s may more accurately describe the problems you are facing. Check out the other two C’s to see if these match what you’re feeling!

Are you only competing on price?