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Wednesday September 9, 2020

12p PST / 3ET

What are winning teams doing right now to grow revenue, grab market share and protect margins?

The realities of selling A/E/C in 2020 are harsh. Too many good A/E/C firms are chasing fewer opportunities and the way buying teams buy is inherently causing commoditization. The decline of traditional face to face relationship building leaves old approaches out of touch and ineffective. Learn how winning teams are adapting and improving to stay profitable in 2020 by:

  • Using objective data to understand and make better decisions on staffing.
  • Arming their business development and sales teams with pitches and messaging that connects to their prospect’s real priorities.
  • Using technology to record and analyze “game film” and train towards real-world scenarios.

About RPG

RPG is a team of revenue accelerators that work with CEOs and Principals whose number one priority is to stay relevant and vital. We believe that the biggest current threat you face is becoming a commodity in your prospect’s eyes.

What’s making it worse? Decision teams keep getting bigger and they are ignoring your sales teams until the very end of their buyers journey. This drives a race to the bottom caused by what we call the 3 deadly C’s (commoditization, compressed selling time and consensus decision making.)

This race won’t stop on its own and we believe that teams are unprepared and ill-equipped for the future we are living in.

RPG is the only organization built specifically to help you battle the 3 Deadly C’s in a way that helps you win the brain, win the journey and win the deal.


Title: Can My BizDev Team Compete Now?

Date: September 9th, 12p MT / 3ET