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Branding is one of those vague marketing terms that can be used to describe a number of things, from your logo and colors to the story that defines you. We like to think of your brand as the perception the world has about your product or service.

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    Differentiate from your competition

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    Provide meaning for your product, service or organization.

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    Clarify what your brand is…and isn’t

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The right branding gives your customers a true sense of who you are, why they should work with you, and what unique value you bring to the world.

When it

When it simply looks nice, states a general promise and is inwardly focused. This incorrect emphasis leads to so many re-branding and brand enhancement efforts’ failure to generate significant business outcomes.

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A brand is more than a logo and company colors. At RPG, we believe your brand is your promise to perform, both for your clients and your employees. And performance is rooted in the problems you solve. Relief from that pain is communicated through your Convincing Advantages, the compelling and persuasive reasons why prospects should become customers.

We also believe you tell your brand story through Your Why. If you know why you do something, and you can communicate that articulately to your customers, and live it internally as an organization, you’ve created your brand. We’ll help you create a brand that helps you communicate your story and stand-out.

Some of what we do on branding projects:

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