You’re sick of hearing:
It was close.

And even more tired of “Radio Silence.”

Getting this appointment took so much work!

Now it’s time
to shine.

Your prospect is interested, they gave you an invite to talk and now you show up with… what? How long you’ve been in business? How many employees you have? The credentials of the folks who will work on their project?

You know that’s a long,
slow road to “No.”

It’s time you start hitting your sales targets by closing down the things you have in your pipeline today. RPG will give you the killer sales tools to convert more leads to sales and grow your margins while we do it.


Nail the

Win the

You‘re different than your competitors.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could convince them why?

There’s nothing wrong with challenging your prospects, but taking control these days? That’s damn near impossible. Your prospect has made up to 80% of their decision before they even make contact and you’re going to become irrelevant if you think classical sales methods will save you.

Sandler was invented for rotary phones.

RPG will give you real-world techniques, so you cut through the noise to reach your prospect. Give your team the tools, message and confidence they need to stop celebrating 90%-of-goal and start hitting their numbers.

Link to: Sales Presentations

Advantage Pitch Presentations

It’s more important that ever to build fast trust with your prospects. We’ll help you discover and articulate your unique value proposition, why you are the best at what you do, and what your prospects gain from working with you.

Sales Coaching & Training

Teach your team how to effectively communicate with decision makers “why you” and “why now” with messaging, brain-friendly approaches and training to close the room.

Advantage Driver

Refine your messaging and sales approach to speak directly to your prospect’s brain and make it easier for them to choose you. This suite of tools helps you better understand your audience, solve their pain, and deliver compelling messages that connect and close.

Sales Collateral

You need support materials that do your job when you’re not around. Whether it’s the right leave-behind to help others share your value with their peers or that perfect brochure for your tradeshow audiences, we’ll help you say more with less and deliver the right messages that turn expensive collateral into valuable investments.

Talent Acquisition

We start with Your Why. From there, we develop the right message and content to attract qualified candidates that meet your criteria and make a positive impact on your company culture.

We believe you can do more with the pipeline you have.

And that revenue is all that matters.