Tired of losing deals that should be yours?

A NeuroPitch package is your best first step to eliminating obstacles and make it easier for your prospects to say yes.

Hit your sales goals with tools built for today’s prospects.

In today’s accelerated world, the speed of change is empowering new competitors, and turning relationships, tradition and previous sure-things upside down. A great reputation and a bunch of experience may get you on the shortlist, but it’s no longer enough to win the project.

Even the best of the best are struggling to grow. Does your team have the tools it needs to win in the modern sales world? The good news is, there’s a better way to close, and RPG wants to show you how to make it work for you.

“It’s refreshing to have someone of RPG’s caliber take such interest in us as a client and to really dig deep to help determine why our clients hire us and teach us how to deliver more effective pitches.

The use of brain science in delivering our message offers a very different approach and one that is setting us apart from our competitors.”

  • Engage, hold & close.

    Keeping your audiences’ attention for 45 minutes is very difficult. Our brain-friendly approach, visuals, timing and structure are designed for maximized engagement. Get their attention, keep their attention
    and get the sale!

  • Clearly separate & differentiate.

    When a room full of decision-makers expects to understand why you’re different, you’ve got to overwhelmingly prove your value in order to align their individual priorities.

  • Let science do the work.

    From the intro to the structure all the way through the visuals and lock-down proofs, our brain-friendly approach has proven successful in not only differentiating against the competition but creating the proper emotional lift to create a convinced environment.

Discovery + Advantage Development

Everyone deserves to know the three compelling reasons why you’re a better choice than your competition, and a better choice than doing nothing at all.


When you absolutely have to nail it, you’ll be armed with the right presentation to make the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Pitch Delivery

Stop training your sales team with approaches that don’t work any more. Give them the real tools they need to make a real impact in a short amount of time.

So, why’s it harder than it used to be, anyway?

Download our free ebook and learn specific actions you can take today to beat the 3 Deadly C’s and how the science behind the way we make decisions can help you.

  • Commoditization

    You risk becoming less relevant as hyper-competition and perceived “sameness” continue to squeeze the margin – and fun – out of your business. Your team will destroy commoditization by using messages in line with the order, speed and emotional context your prospect’s brain expects.

  • Consensus Decision Making

    Prospect decision-making teams are getting bigger, forcing you to fight to continually maintain prioritization and eliminate delay. The more people involved, the more time it takes to make a decision….and time kills deals. Your team will accelerate consensus easier by aligning your prospects with one great pitch.

  • Compressed Selling Time

    You’ve lost 70% of your selling time, mainly your time to build relationships and influence the decision-making process. You have to fight off more competitors and in less time, leaving you no room for error. Your team will overcome compressed selling time by answering “Why You?” as quickly as possible.

Ready to Win?

Empower your team with the right tools to beat the Deadly C’s, win projects more consistently, and grow your revenue. What have you got to lose, other than more prospects, projects, and customers?