It’s easier than ever for prospects to find you.

So why does it still seem so hard to find them?

Get found where your prospects are looking, and finally be able to tell them what they need to hear.

Your customer’s journey to you begins when they realize they have a problem that they want to solve. They may start their path to you on the internet, in a conversation with their boss, at a trade show or any other of a variety of ways.

Do you know where they’re looking? Are you getting found in each of those places?

The reality is, this isn’t a problem you can eliminate by throwing some money at it. We’ve found that showing up occasionally, and saying the right things, is way more effective than getting found – and found out – with nothing to say.

RPG will help you show up everywhere, with the right message that satisfies the most difficult skeptics and gets real, “next steps” action.

Show Up

Show Up

Make the

Stop wasting time and money.

Get the strategy, throughput and focus you’re looking for.

The problem with an agency is that they’re not focused on your business goals, they just want to prove that they got you some leads.

RPG measures your goals the same way you do: revenue.

The problem with an in-house team is that you can’t hire a whole team of experts, it’s too expensive.

RPG allocates the right people to the right projects, every time.

The problem with consultants is that they just don’t deliver, we pay so much and get so little.

RPG has the resources to make a solid strategy an affordable reality.

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Search Engine Optimization

Brain-friendly, interested content that puts you in the conversation where and when your most relevant prospects are searching.

Print Advertising

The aesthetic qualities of your brand combined with brain-friendly messaging and content that creates a tangible user experience.

Tradeshows & Events

The right tools, the right strategy, and the right message to have better conversations with the right prospects.

Public Relations Strategy

From product releases to complete editorial, getting your story in the news has meaningful impact.

You want revenue, not leads.

We measure revenue, and leads.